Web Services

If you are starting your website from the scratch or if you need to add some features or change something to your present website then we at L&G are ready to help you at each and every step to get an affordable website which meets your objectives and requirements. Our dedicated team at L&G works round the clock with our clients to create a website and portray it via beautiful images to its users. We ensure that our designs are attractive and eye catching which will help our clients to talk to their users through the website.

Web Designing

If you are looking to get a presence of your website on the internet or if you have website and you want to change its design, then you are at the right place, as we at L&G are highly capable of designing the websites from the scratch and redesigning the present website. Our focus is to make our client achieve their objectives which are at affordable cost with no compromise in the quality.

Web Development

We at L&G have rich experience beyond HTML which includes JavaScript, PHP, ASP, DHTML, CGI scripts, database-driven sites, blogs, Facebook pages and more. If you are fed up with HTML and want to go beyond HTML and want interactive webpages then choose us as we have skilled technocrats with stunning ideas in their minds. We provide comprehensive and highly innovative web development solutions which are very much customized and highly integrated to achieve business goals.